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Doing business with Hews has been very different than any other recruitment consultancy I’ve dealt with before. They were very professional but also connected on a personal basis with their clients. They always keep their client informed of the latest developments but they also call just to catch up if they haven’t spoken to you for a while. I would highly recommend them and their approach to recruitment.

I would highly recommend contacting Hews next time you’re considering a career move. They are one of the rare consultancies that actually put you and your best interests first. Going above and beyond that “commission” mentality, putting in the leg work time and time again whilst keeping you up to date at all times even when it runs into months of negotiations and discussions.

Hews helped me in landing my dream job in London after I moved out to Leicester to gain relevant experience. Their tenacity in getting the information I needed and making sure I had enough time to digest the information and respond accordingly greatly helped in the interview stages. They have inexhaustible industry knowledge in construction, health and safety and corporate discourse. Hews negotiated a fantastic salary package and subsequently helped improve the quality of my life in getting me a foot in the right direction for my career.

Hews helped me to get my new job and worked tirelessly to ensure they found a job which suited me. They were courteous and professional and willing to go the extra mile to help me in finding a new role. They also regularly called with updates. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new role.

I could not recommend Hews highly enough. Having worked in the recruitment industry myself for a number of years and been contacted by numerous recruiters for my own job move, Hews knew their clients better than anybody else seemed to. They were accurate in describing what the role entailed (a lot of recruiters are not), they knew what I was looking for and matched it perfectly, and they were there to help through the whole recruitment and contract signing process.

Having been in the role they helped me find for a few weeks now, I can safely say it is everything they said it would be and more. I feel confident that should there come a time when I need to recruit staff, I can put my trust in Hews to deliver me quality.

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